Sunday, September 22

            Brother Tracy Mayfield’s morning message was taken from Judges 16.  Do we realize how much our culture has influenced us even though we call ourselves Christians?  Samson was very strong but also very weak.  His strength came from God.  God knows our hearts.   If you drop your guard, the devil can entice you.  He knows your weaknesses.  We have all heard, “if you love me, you will do what I want.”   The devil knows how long he can nag you until you relent.  Samson was looking for peace of mind even knowing what the consequences would be.  Samson had always known the Lord.  After his hair was cut, he didn’t even know the Lord has left him.  Samson was living as a pretender.  He wasn’t living as God wanted him to.  It’s not about the “symbols” in our lives, it’s about God.  It’s more than saying, “I’m a Christian,” it’s living a Godly life. When we commit our lives to the Lord, we are supposed to grow.  With new birth comes growth.  When you are putting on a show, you become helpless and hopeless against the enemy.  Samson had no power when he lost his true connection to God.  Don’t ask God over and over to forgive you of the same sin.  It has a hold on you and you need God’s help to get past it.  Eventually you will be exposed if you keep pretending.  Samson called on the Lord to strengthen him one more time.  It’s called repentance.  Realize where your strength comes from.

   May 2019   
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