Sunday, August 25

            Brother Tracy Mayfield’s morning message was taken from Matthew 25:21.  We have been made faithful over a few things, but God has more blessings ahead.  Those words “well done” mean that something was put into action.  Put your words into action.  We are called to be consistent in our service to the Lord.  We are called to be faithful to our families.  But why is it so important to be faithful?  In reading 2 Thessalonians 2:3, we see that the devil is tearing things apart a little at a time.  There is a great falling away happening right now.  We have to open our heart’s door to Jesus.  Don’t ignore the knock on your heart.  Why are we at church?  We need to prepare for the final surge.  When we do the best we should, we will hear those words, “well done.”  In the first chapter of Romans, we are reminded that people are ashamed to take Jesus outside the church.  Revelation tells us that an end is coming.  Scripture will be fulfilled.  Jesus is coming…are you ready?

            Becky Arrington led our Sunday evening testimony service reading from Philippians 4:13.  Brother Tracy read from James 4:7,10.  James gives us two thoughts.  First, turn it all over to God.  When we look to God and submit, the devil will leave you.  Satan cannot lead you into sin without your willingness.  Second, God wants us to be humble.  When we humble ourselves, there is an internal cleansing that is reflected on the outside. 

   May 2019   
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