Sunday, August 18

            Pastor Tracy Mayfield delivered another awesome sermon Sunday, offering hope and encouragement for the Christian journey.  God is with us through every obstacle.  This life is worth living.  Without the Spirit of God breathed into us, we are just a hollow shell.  With His life-giving Spirit, He gave us a living soul.  From the very beginning the Spirit of God has been here.  The Spirit of God gives us the ability to live—and to live abundantly.  With Jesus in your life, you can get as much out of life as possible.  God will bless you with the spouse and children you are supposed to have.  He also assures us of our eternal life.  Christ suffered for us, for those who accept and for those who reject Him.  We should be willing to live for Jesus because He brings joy to our life.  Jesus wants us to enjoy this life to the fullest.  We have the gift of joy and laughter—and also peace.  Accept what God places in your life.  Living for God brings contentment.  Be content with your situation, no matter the circumstances.  God will never leave or forsake us.  Living for God gives satisfaction.  Do what God has called you to do.  Walk and talk with Him.  Living for God brings blessings.  God will bless when you live for Him.  Living for God is good!  We have our directions written in God’s word.  The reward of our labors means we will one day see Jesus.

   May 2019   
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